In da Club

Some asshole decided to give me a spam call at 5:30am local time. My phone is supposed to be in “Do Not Disturb” mode, so I don’t know why it let that call ring through. I’m getting really annoyed with this android phone and might finally switch back to an iPhone so I can be annoyed with all new things. We forced ourselves to go back to sleep – and it actually worked for once. We passed out and woke up again at 9. It was crazy. We actually slept. That really doesn’t happen often.

A pot of coffee later and we were all up. There were no major plans for the day so we just grabbed out snorkel geal and walked to the beach downstairs. It was pretty windy out, but still warm. The warter was a little rough from the wind but not bad, so we suited up and swam out to snorkel the local reefs. The churn made it cloudy in areas, but we still had small pufferfish come out, and we almost bumped right into a sea turtle. We were surprised when looking up to find we were right next to a feeding turtle. They looked over at us and just turned and swam away. I suppose we aren’t that interesting.

By the time we made it back to the condo it was close to noon, so we cleaned up and looked into some lunch. Yulia wanted to see what was available near the golf course and fancy hotels just north of us. A lot of the time it can be fun just to see what’s up and grab some food – hotel dining is usually pretty cool. We drove up and frankly, it was just ok. The restaurant in the Ritz (yeah, it’s a Ritz now) was closed, but they had a burger bar at poolside. We left there and hunted Google maps for a bit, there was a beachside restaurant called the Sea House. It was only a short drive away, and reviews were good.

We drove around the point, and found the place tucked into Napili Bay. It frankly was much better than I expected. There was no wait, and it had a panoramic view of the whole beach. The beach itself was crowded, and the winds were kicking up again. A perfect time to be getting lunch inside. There were a few cloudbursts as well, so our timing was perfect this time. We loved the food and took our time there. Even with the weather, the beach remained crowded. I think that might be the biggest advantage of the smaller place we are staying at – lack of crowds. You can always go to another beach, but you can’t chase crowds away.

After lunch we dropped Sasha and Petru back at the condo and Yulia and I went back into Lahaina. We started at the Cannery Mall, it’s a mall in an old cannery, but in the post-Covid world it’s really empty now. Well over half of the place is completely empty. Yulia still found a funky hat and a cover shirt for after swimming. We wandered around a bit, then headed to the Lahaina Waterfront. Parking was a nightmare but after enough circling, we found a free spot that wasn’t in a pay lot. Just like Monopoly it’s nice to land on Free Parking.

We then went to the boardwalk and did something that I’ve wanted to do for years – visit the Lahaina Yacht Club. You need to be a member of a reciprocating Yacht Club to do this, it’s not open to the public. But since we joined the Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club last year (actually 2019) we could go! And, it was happy hour, so no stopping us now. It’s a cool little place that has been there since the 60’s. Happy hour consisted of cheap beer and wine, and we sat at the bar and talked to local members for a bit. Flags from other Yacht Clubs hung from the ceiling, and we found our flag right over our seats. We setup reservations for dinner for later in the week, and headed out after relaxing and enjoying the view over the water. I just loved it.

We headed back, and just took it easy. I grilled some sliders and fish again on the pool BBQ. The day flew by because we really didn’t do anything but relax.

Relaxing is hard work.