Spring Forward

We join your correspondent from a folding keyboard on a beer cooler typing on their phone, feet already in the sand...

It can be really hard to not do anything when you are used to doing things nonstop.

We killed any other plans today and are at the beach. We looked in the closet of our condo and found some chairs, an umbrella, and a cooler. It’s picnic time. the audio tour we have on my phone mentioned Slaughterhouse Beach right near where we snorkeled yesterday. So I’m packing up some sandwiches and drinks and off we go. No additional planning involved.

At the beach, parking is pretty limited. There’s a tiny pullout, and cars just fill the side of the road. it limits the number of people who can go here, which is not a bad thig. We setup camp in a bit of shade along the edge of the cove the beach is in, and it’s pretty perfect. its a smooth sandy beach in a rocky cove, only one staircase connects to the road. Periodically, a catamaran pulls in and anchors. They drop a load of swimmers in, mill about then pull anchor. Another takes it’s place every 30 minutes or so. Honestly, its not crowded at all.

It looks a lot like the way I remember Maui when I was young. More like the ideal Hawaiian paradise and less like the tourist trap.

We walked the rocks on the sides of the cove and found a freshwater spring bubbling out of the sand. It’s protected from the waves by the rocks, and the cold fresh water flows down in a small stream to the waves below. I don’t think I’ve seen that at a beach before.

There’s a fair amount of wind, so the waves are pretty strong. Not too much, but perfect for keeping you on your toes as you swim. There’s a good reason they tell you “never turn your back on the ocean”. One wrong wave and you will get flattened. It’s a little cloudy for snorkeling – that’s just the cost of a sandy beach. the waves just stir too much up. but we had great snorkeling yesterday so I’m good with sand today.

We now return you to the safety of the condo

We lasted until about 12:30 – the sun got too hot and we literally couldn’t walk on the sand any longer. My sandals are a new set of Luna Sandals – our new puppy ate the laces on my old set – and I opted to get the same style, leather top, recycled tires for the bottom. The light colored leather didn’t heat up in the sun but any sand that slipped in was like burning embers. Just crazy heat. We headed back to the condo to clean up and rinse all the sand off.

We went out for a bit, cleaned up we decided that getting something cold to eat would be nice, and went ot an Acai Bowl place back over in Napili that Yulia and I saw the other night. It’s kind of a meal, kind of a dessert with fruit. But it tastes good in any case and cooled us off a bit. From there we drove down to a local market to look at Aloha shirts and tacky tourist stuff. It was nice but nothing special lept out at us. We headed back right as a small rainfall hit – it sprinkled for a few minutes then stopped.

Just enough moisture to increase the humidity, but not cool off. Bollocks.

heat and humidity led to a fairly bid nap time in the afternoon. I relaxed on the balcony where I was joined by two doves who were waiting around for me to feed them – and since i didn’t just figured that crapping on the balcony was a close second. The rest of the crew were passed out or making a very good imitation of the same.

We later grabbed a small dinner at a neighboring hotel. The food was OK, but the bartenders were less so. I had some local beer and Mahi Mahi – but Yulia had s bad glass of wine followed by a bad margarita – to accompany her bad salad. Sometimes its a full miss at these places. From there we went and walked back to watch the sunset again. An unplanned day worked out quite well. We might do this again later.

But not tomorrow.

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