What are you Chicken?

It takes a while to get used to a new coffee maker. Especially an old drip basket style. Ther’s a lot of variables in amount of coffee, grind, etc. I don’t know how this one works so I’m just pouring in a bunch of coffee and hoping it works. But I’m using 100% Kona – so it’s pretty hard to make bad coffee from it. Maybe too weak, but it’s still great coffee.

I reserved some snorkeling gear for us – we have a place just across the road, and we got a full week’s of equipment for a good deal. (online coupons help) I loaded all that into the Jeep and once we ha enough coffee and some breakfast we headed north to Honolua Bay.

We found this place on our last trip. It’s a great snorkeling beach on the north end of Maui – it’s pretty well known now, and there’s no actual parking so we had to circle around until a spot on the side of the road was available. My parallel parking skills came in handy again and we got a nice spot right near the park entrance. We didn’t leave anything in the car, and headed over to the beach. It’s a bit of a hike in, and we were accompanied by quite a few chickens that live in the area. They were running up to see if we were throwing an food out, then running away just as fast when we didn’t.

The beach itself was just as we remembered, rocky and crowded. We stashed our stuff near a family that were done swimming and were just feeding chickens. The geal was pretty good, but took a little adjustment to get working. Once we wer out on the water we got our bearings and found that the edges of the bay were the best, with schools hiding and feeding amongst the rocks and coral. I naturally kept my eye out looking for the state fish – the Humuhumunukunkuapua’a. It’s a cool fish, with a cool name.

We only stayed a few hours, then worked our way back out of the park. We had thought originally to do a loop of the north end of the island, but we were a bit too salty and hot, and headed back to the condo to clean up. After that we were too hungry to drive more, so we skipped the north tour and will pick that up later in the trip. We headed down to Kaanapali instead.

Kaanapali is pretty close to where ewe are staying, it’s about halfway between out condo and Lahaina, and it’s the big Hotel/Resort area. It’s got a terrific beach that spans the front of all the hotels and a really neat shopping center in the middle of the beach. We thought that might be a good area to get a late lunch and relax. Apparently the rest of western Maui thought the same. The parking was completely full, with cars circling like sharks waiting to snap at an open spot. We gave up and drove to the garage at the Sheraton, on the far end of the beach. We had to go to the top floor of the garage but finally found a spot.

It was a lot hotter here than at our condo. Mostly because there was less wind here. It was also crazy crowded with tourists. This beach is always more crowded than the smaller areas, but it was just packed. Multiple Catamarans were beaching themselves to drop off and pick up tours. Tommy Bahama umbrellas sprouted like stylish mushrooms all down the beach. The bar we were heading too was just as busy. That was a bummer because it has tables and chairs that are in a big sandy area, and live music as well. We looked about and found another place – Leilani’s that had some space.

This was a sister restaurant to Duke’s and had a small but good lunch menu. We got a table on the upper deck with a view of the beach, and waited for some drinks. We ended up doing a lot of waiting, as out waitress was in training or just not paying attention. The food and drinks themselves were great – we all ended up getting tacos – mostly fish tacos, and some cocktails, but everything took forever and we had a bunch of forgotten items. I really try not to stress about these things but this was just a mess overall.

By the time we were done it had gotten even hotter – we shopped around for a little bit but abandoned our plan to walk along the boardwalk and through some of the hotels. We just headed back to the Jeep and went back to the Condo. As soon as we pulled in you could feel that it was cooler over here. We had the trade winds blowing again, and we cooled off at the pool and on our balcony. We were joined again by several sea turtles – apparently our condo is a feeding ground for them so they drop by all the time.

We finished the night with some great takeout from yet another local fish place – we had more Mahi, Ahi, and Ono. The fish here just can’t be beat. It also makes a great match for the sunset.

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