Why I’m Not Dismissing the Latest “Animal Protein is Bad” Study (But Not Losing Sleep Over It, Either)

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As always, Denise gives a good breakdown.

Originally posted on Raw Food SOS:

I keep doing this thing where I stand in the shower writing blog posts in my head, emerging from the suds giddy and prune-fingered, feeling strangely accomplished about the words I have not yet typed. And then I squeegee the fog off the bathroom mirror and tell myself you can do it Denise! and think about how awesome it will be to actually update my blog after so much horrible silence. And then I load WordPress and think I’m blogging, I’m blogging, I’m finally blogging, it’s really happening.

And then suddenly it’s three hours later and I’ve opened 800 new browser tabs in Firefox and have become distracted by something shiny, Facebooky, or delicious, at which point all hope is lost.

This madness must end. Today, we blog.

So now I stand before you here in Cyberland, up on my soapbox, rantin’ muscles ready to flex. In case you haven’t…

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Fool Injection

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WP_20130720_001Not entirely too recently, I purchased the move “Rush.” This is Ron Howard’s new film about F1 racing, and I have watched it several times now. It is really less of a story about the competition between two drivers, axis is an exquisite bit of car porn.

Quite early in then film, One of the characters notes that, “Men love women, but even more than that, men love cars.” Quite likely, this could be taken as a terribly sexist or even misogynistic comment, but to do so really would misunderstand the situation.

One scene, only very brief, in the early moments of the film shows the initial firing up of a series of formula 3engines, with waves of gasoline spreading across the throttle plates of the carburetors of the engines as the men get ready to race. I watch that, and am no less aroused than the scene earlier when James hunt is making it with a terribly sexy and nude nurse prior to the same race. But it’s a different thing.

And perhaps it’s stupid. I can’t really tell. I’m a guy, and frankly I’m not all that bright all the time, but I try to be just a bit perceptive about it.

I’ve heard it said that Women are sex objects, and that men are Success objects. That’s obviously an oversimplification, but not too far off. and I think a lot of the love of cars within men comes from that. The idea that you can take metal, rubber, and gasoline, and turn it into a race car is a very successful concept for anyone. Really, it shouldn’t be a male/female split, and I think it is becoming less so.

I see some men appreciating their looks, and women appreciating their success as well. And I think this is great. especially as it hits close to home.

Outside some anthropological drive for automotive and success-oriented superiority, cars have a drive. They have their own draw to many, and I have been pleased as I have seen my daughter’s draw to cars.

I learned to love cars. partially, from growing up around so many. At least I think that’s a big driver. But in any case. my list of cars falls unser the following:

  • ’71 Oldsmobile
  • ’77 Honda
  • ’75 Cadillac
  • ’75 Bug
  • ’93 Jeep
  • ’02 Subaru
  • ’04 Chrysler
  • ’05 Dodge
  • and on the side, a ’76 Triumph

This list also betrays my fetish for ’70′s cars in general. Can’t say why that is. but it is.

and while there are a lot of men who only see their cars as a mode of transport between two points, I have always had a close relationship with my cars. Each one meant something to me, positive and negative. Even something as simple as having an American car has always carried meaning. But, in general, I think keeping the relationship with a mechanical car is what always pulls at my heart.

For me, being able to deep dive into the inner workings of my current british project, with no power systems at all, has meant a lot. each system that I fix carries meaning, and gives me a personal boost, even if no one else ever learns about it. It is a small part of my success, and grants me confidence.

I have been very glad to learn of my daughter’s interest in cars. She is a beautiful girl, and probably could choose to skate by on her looks if she choose. but she is smart and curious. And I have infected her with my passion for mechanical and loud gasoline devices. and while I doubt that any specific knowledge on how one or another car works will ever be of deep value to her, I know that the lack of fear and deep inquisitive nature that starts the questioning process will pay off in spades in her life.

I also hope to saddle her with a British car, so that the opportunities for reflection never cease. But not a French car, that would just be mean.

2013 in review

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Pretty cool.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Home Base

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There are very few occasions that cannot be made better by the inclusion of attendance at an Irish Pub.

I’m downtown tonight, as Sasha and Katya are out at the Macklemore concert, which will end sometime around 11pm to 1am. We can’t be sure, as it has been tweeted, apparently, that since tonight is the final day of a three-day set, that he plans to run some kind of mega-encore. We shall see.

Since I didn’t want to leave the girls outside after the concert, I chose to stay nearby so once they call I can pick them up right away. My default location for hanging out in downtown is our boat. I have free parking, and it is nearby to most of the city center. Unfortunately, it is fucking freezing out here, and even with heat on the boat, it is just too damn cold to get comfortable.

I went out, fixed the cover on top of the boat (which is coming apart, and I need to build a new one) and made sure the place was ok. Looking down the lake, I remembered that a new pub “A Terrible Beauty” has just opened this summer, and that sounded like a much better home base for the next few hours than a freezing boat.

While I like going out anywhere to drink, few things beat an Irish (or British) pub. My first main hangout in college was the Unicorn pub. When I moved to Russia, I had Rosie O’Grady’s, and Irish House. My former test manager at Microsoft retired and opened a pub/microbrewery just off campus. When that was sold, We found Three Lions in Redmond was our best source for Premier League Football, with a good dartboard to boot.

We literally lived in Pubs on our trip through Great Britain. (Note: I mean literally in the literal sense. Our first room was above a pub called The Blathwyat)

I’m not sure, but I imagine that a lot of Americans enjoy sports bars in the same way that I love pubs. Perhaps growing up with British Cars influenced my bar tastes as well. In any case, I’d rather avoid the bright, loud American bars and burrow into the dank, dark pubs. A smell of boiling cabbage and bangers, and perhaps a baking kidney pie doesn’t hurt either.

Guinness is always on tap. Guinness for Strength.

Carne de Porco à Alentejana (Portuguese Pork and Clams)

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I must try this. Looks like an amazing mix.

Originally posted on The Domestic Man:

Carne de Porco à Alentejana is a traditional recipe from Portugal, made from a combination of pork, wine, paprika, clams, and black olives, and typically served with roasted or fried potatoes. When a reader first suggested I tackle this dish, I was floored by the seemingly odd ingredients list; but much like Chicken Marbella, the offbeat ingredients mixed together perfectly to create a unique taste that’s more than the sum of its parts.

While the name might lead you to believe that this dish originated in the Alentejo region of Portugal, it’s actually from Algarve (the Southernmost point of the country). Legend has it that chefs in Algarve gave the dish this name to let diners know that the pork was from Alentejo-raised pigs, who were fed acorns and had a flavorful meat. At the time, pigs in Algarve were fed fish scraps from the burgeoning canning industry, and…

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40 Years of Nutrition Research Fatally Flawed

October 14, 2013 § 5 Comments


Truly Shocking (said no one at all).

Originally posted on THAT PALEO GUY:

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) is one of those major ongoing surveys from which data related to all things health and nutrition are derived. The short entry on Wikipedia summarises the aims of NHANES very well;

Findings from the survey are used to determine the prevalence of major diseases and risk factors for diseases. Information is used to assess nutritional status and its association with health promotion and disease prevention. NHANES findings are also the basis for national standards for such measurements as height, weight, and blood pressure. Data from this survey are used in epidemiological studies and health sciences research, which help develop sound public health policy, direct and design health programs and services, and expand the health knowledge.

Whilst being a survey conducted on an American population, the results from this are interpreted and referred to globally, with NZ and Australia being no exception.  It…

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Eliminate Processed Foods From Your Diet

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A great post that almost anyone can agree on, regardless of diet preference.

Originally posted on Swarthmore Co-op Blog:

In this fast paced culture, processed foods are becoming the new norm. Follow this guide to start eliminating processed foods from your diet today.


Check the label

This is really the only way to find out what’s in your food. Don’t just look at the front either – that’s more likely to read “natural” or “low fat” when in all reality, the food you’re about to eat might be just the opposite. The heart of the matter, the ingredients, lies on the back of the label, below the nutrition facts. Some say if the label has a laundry list of ingredients, avoid it. But, it’s important to know what you’re reading, what’s healthy to consume, and what’s not so healthy. Artificial sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, splenda, stevia, brown rice syrup, cane juice just to name a few), hydrogenated oils (vegetable, soybean, corn, canola), sodium nitrates &…

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