Five Short Films

What a great time to sit indoors and not do a damn thing.

Actually, I love film. I’m actually a bit of a connoisseur of bad film, but on occasion I break out and try to enjoy good films as well. Short films are something of a mixed bag. They tend to roll in categories that aren’t identified, and they can be really hit and miss, even when they are good. But these are five films that I like to watch. They share a bit, partially actors, and partially because they are made from companies as part of a campaign. That doesn’t mean they are bad, but it’s is a category of it’s own, and one that I find entertaining.

Start with the Wes Anderson Entry. I’m pretty sure you can see a Lotus 7 if you watch carefully.

Castillo Cavalcanti

Jump to the Johnny Walker entry. A different feel, and more corporate, but it’s still a fun story.

The Gentleman’s Wager

The next three are from Italian Clothier Caruso, and start Giancarlo Giannini (from the latest James Bond films) These are great as a group.

The Good Italian

keep going…

The Good Italian II

Keep Going…

The Good Italian III

So what was all that? I think what I like in all those films is the sense of style. Sometimes, style is the substance. These were made by upscale brands as a showcase, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun. It also doesn’t mean they aren’t art.

These films have a lot of humor, they are just a lot of fun. sometimes we try to over think these things. Sometimes we should just enjoy them