The Journey of the Sodden Traveler – Part 2

My God – These Buggers are Short


As expected, Japan is really weird. It’s been about two minutes since I left the plane, and I’ve already seen people walking about the terminal wearking some kind of doctors masks, for no apparent reason. The Tokyo airport lends itself much more to airport culture than Japanese culture. You could plunk this place down anywhere in the world and it would fit right in, with the notable exception of the fine selections of world-class schoolgirl porn, and the whole thing being catered by Uajimaya’s.


I hear they wipe you –


I have returned to the Airplane, and have manqaged to get a First Class ticket for my leg into Beijing. And this plane has a true First Class section, not one of those pansy-assed Business Class things. The difference is astounding, my seat has 15 different adjustments on it, I almost weep. With my legs crossed, and extended, I still don’t touch the bulkhead. Quite frankly, this is the only appropriate way to travel.