new contest – spot the worst bood job

so I assume that the assumption is that no man would ever complain about any boob job should be true, however, this assumes that some level of minimum quality and realism is followed. at the pool here we have begun watching for the worst exampled of boob work as they stroll past, and they seem to break down as follows: – insane size, this is the least of the worst, assumedly we are just seeing strippers on vacation. they need a break too. – asymmetry. )eft and right should be pretty much the same, no more than two cups difference, please. or, maybe she could only afford one at the time. – visible scarring. nothing looks better than scars sticking out from under a far too small bikini top. I expected to see some that still had stiching. or maybe she’s a baseball fan and that’s the effect she wanted. I will keep watching for the winner. someone has to do it.