proper drinking behaivor

it is a sport reserved for the lowest dregs of our society, the sodden, cheap untermenchen, to get themselves kicket out of fine drinking establishments so quickly through the use of nudity, profanity and violence. these acts do nothing to build character of either themselves or the place of thir choosing. a true gentleman of distinction knows that the occasional expulsion from the public house should be a badge of honor, for acts above and beyond, that will be cheered in later years and willfully ignored by the establishment the next day, as they know it is to their bebefit to accomidate such as those who deem their establishment worthy of such action. crass vulgaraties may have their moments of joy bor those that eveloution has only granted a passing glance , but they shall not know the joy of being escorted out after consuming more that allowed by state law, pontaneously breaking oujt into song, or cheering on the visiting team in the home bar. getting kicked out occasinally should be every mans goal, but should always be worthy of distinction.