… Fruit flies like a banana

We have goddamn fruit flies in our house.

Sometime earlier this week, something with a whole nest of the fucers got brought into the house, and they bred. Fast. I am finding them everywhere. Currently their two favorite spots are in the kitchen, and in the Master bathroom. This, of course, makes no sense, since I can’t find anything that they are eating or breeing in upstairs, and I have sprayed every inch of these rooms with bug killer.

But they keep coming. i looked around the room earlier, and saw nothing, and then I sat a hot pizza on the counter, and while it cooled a swarm of 12 appeared from somewhere. This is fucking maddening.

My plan is to capture one, and once I do, i will superglue him, still living, onto a popsicle stick, then with my finest tweezers, i will hold him in th emiddle of the swarm of other flies, and pull his wings off. just to make an example. Let the other flies watch and all. just so they know what is in store for them.

That’ll teach them.