Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

 As part of the benefits for Microsoft in the new MyMicrosoft internal promotion, we were promised new, Starbucks branded coffee makers in the building kitchens. Well, my kitchen has finally been upgraded and these little technological wonders are here. 

To understand what a change this is, you have to realize that up to this point all the machines at Microsoft had been those industrial coffee machines that you see at airports, filled with stale Farmer Brothers coffee, usually brewed several hours earlier. This was a nasty concoction, but worked marvelously at eating the tarnish off of old silverware.

These new machines brew one cup at a time, freshly ground, and you can pick the size and mix. (50/50 decaf for example) We get treated to a symphony or whirring and clicking, and a short time later, Bingo! Hot cup of Joe.

This is officially good. Two thumbs up.