That’s Mr. “Yacht Rock” to you…

So on Google today I found an entry for myself on Wikipedia of all places. Yuo expect when fooling about on Google to see your own pages, but this was really odd. So, I checked it out. Apparently, I am a reference on the Yacht Rock page. Check it out.

Money Quote:

While Ryznar and the show popularized the term yacht rock, it had

existed previously. Its earliest-known Internet appearance came in a

February 1994 Usenet posting, where a user explained that he had heard the term used to describe the music of Jimmy Buffett.[6]

and Reference #6? That’s Here:

6 Mark Hancheroff (199402-28). New Parrothead. Google Groups. Retrieved on 200610-09.

Holy crap! that’s a random posting from when I worked in Moscow. Far out. If you haven’t seen this show (which I am sure, you haven’t), its online. Check it out. Damn funny.

I’m wikipedialicious.