What War Does To People

This is a worthy read. Especially for those people who are so gung ho to see someone else go off and kill someone else, so that they can watch cool images of missiles on Fox News. These things all have impacts on people.  

This is what wars do. They do not end on the battlefield. They destroy people. People who once could see nothing wrong with a neighbor suddenly see a racially impure thing. War creates hates and destroys long after the bombs have stopped falling. Look at America now. Openly hating Gay people, calling war heroes cowards, questioning the authenticity of science itself and the advice of reasonable people. This is the punishment war wreaks on those who wage it. It creates a lower quality citizen. One inured to cruelty and or their own mistakes. Americans all around who have never been out of the country lecture me on foreign policy because they have just had a primer from Rush Limbaugh or that O’Reilly fool.

The only county in the whole world where one third of the population thinks Bush is a good president is the United States. It is that one third that will happily stand by if you are beaten. It is that one third of the country that will piss on laws and tell lies, all because they believe they are acting to protect something higher than law. The other day a reporter or a pundit asked a Muslim congressman to prove he wasn’t a terrorist.

Source: Daily Kos: What War Does To People. Incredible Story Told To Me

One of my old friends used to like the phrase "it eats your soul". That was his description for acts that have a morally corrosive effect on the person. This is what I have seen happen to our country. We are tolerant of torture, we racially profile people, we invade sovereign nations on flimsy evidence, we eavesdrop on our own people. These things are slowly eating away at the soul of Americans. I wonder at what point this process becomes irreversible, and who will we become then?