Those who would sacrifice Liberty for Security…

 … pretty much get what they deserve. There still is not magic bullet to weed out terrorists, it will take actual investigations, not sweeping data grabs of the whole US, with the hope of turning on a fliter and having terrorits magically drop out of the bottom.nyt_mag_terror_diagram.jpg

From the article:

The one thing predictable about predictive data mining for terrorism is that it would be consistently wrong.

Without patterns to use, one fallback for terrorism data mining is the idea that any anomaly may provide the basis for investigation of terrorism planning. Given a “typical” American pattern of Internet use, phone calling, doctor visits, purchases, travel, reading, and so on, perhaps all outliers merit some level of investigation. This theory is offensive to traditional American freedom, because in the United States everyone can and should be an “outlier” in some sense. More concretely, though, using data mining in this way could be worse than searching at random; terrorists could defeat it by acting as normally as possible.

From another Left-wing moonbat site,

Source: Defense Tech: Data Diver Disses Terror-Mining