If a tree falls in your backyard, does it make a sound?

Yes, and the sound is me saying, "Holy Crap!"

So we got hit by the same storm as everyone else out in seattle. and as with everyone, we lost our power (came back on last night, we got lucky). so when I wake up the next morning i see this GIANT FUCKING TREE in my back yard. Now, this would suck in any normal circumstance, but we are trying to sell our house, and we have an open house scheduled for 10:00 in the morning. And, somehow, I think a huge tree in the yard is not a positive selling attribute.

At the time, I had no idea how widespread the damage to the area was, so no one was actually coming. But I didn’t know this, so I was in a panic. First thing that I noticed was that it completely missed *everything* in the yard. By like inches. We really got lucky there. second thing was, I couldn’t figure out where it came from. all my trees were still there. It took some hunting, but we finally figured out that it was a tree top from one of ours, and the break was pretty well hidden.

So fine. I have no major damage, and no missing trees. But I have people coming in two hours, and no power tools. Fortunately, I had a splitting maul, which works great at knocking the branches off, and I had a small handsaw, so I could carve a notch in the trunk and then try to break it up. I finally settled on getting a big rock under the trunk, sawing a notch, then jumping on the trunk to crack it in half, I managed to make four big chunks, which I was just able to drag away, and make the yard presentable.

Then I found out that the whole neighborhood was a war zone. no power anywhere, power lines down all over, several roads blocked, so I had to circle about to figure out how to get out of here, then I finally got to an area with power and my cell phone found a tower. My agent canceled the open house, since no one could get anywhere (all the roads were clogged with people going to the malls to find heat and lights), 1 million people were without power in the area.

Holy Crap!

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  1. Holy glub!You should have called me, but I guess you had no power or comm. I\’ve got a cordless circ saw and a bow saw that would have made short work of that tree. Tough short work, but easier than doing it cave-man style.I\’m impressed with your method and result, however.


  2. Apparently folks did show up that day. We got an offer on the house! they were trying to fax in the offer during the storm, and ended up hand delivering it. They came back that day to make sure the house wasn\’t damaged. so clearing that tree out paid off!


  3. I have Jack\’s power chainsaw. Oh yeah, no power….Well, I would have come over and drank your luke cold beer….


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