From Chaos, order pizza

I can really start to understand why Hunter took so many drugs, writing anything of value is a real bitch. I almost have to get smashed anytime I want to loosen up to write more than a few sentences. Of course that goes against the folks that really new him who say he was a health nut to make up for the hard partying when  he wasn’t writing about himself, but hey, who you gonna trust?

As for me, I’m wound up so tight that even my cats look at me any say, "wow dude, you’re pretty neurotic".

On the upside, I had a very long talk with the wife this evening on the topic of religion vs. philosophy, and why we are both in the Orthodox church. As rained I was not baptized, at least as far as I can remember, and I certainly did not attend church with any more frequency more than once. but after wife and I moved to the US, she wanted a Russian church wedding, and to do that, I had to be baptized. I agreed, but not just because the wife said so.

I know a fair number of guys who married outside their culture who did  (and would) not take that kind of step, but I felt good about it.

For why you would have to look at the difference with the Orthodox Christian church, and the catholic church. ( please note, that from the Orthodox perspective, everyone else (protestants, Mormon, etc) are Catholics. What happened after the 1300’s are their own problem. 

When you go to a service at a non-orthodox church, or even examine the architecture, it is designed to be imposing and diminishing to you, as the general person, the size, pews, altar, etc are significantly larger than the space you occupy, and as such, you are meant to feel small in the presence of God. But in an Orthodox church, the building is small, everyone stands. During services people are moving about, burning candles and praying and talking to each other. It is humanizing.

My first experience with an Orthodox church was going into a church that is just off of Red Square in Moscow, with my wife-to-be. When I first came to Moscow, this church did not exist. it was an empty lot flattened by Lenin, but rebuilt by Yeltsin. I watched it get rebuilt. So when I went it, it simply felt different. It felt like I had some ownership of this building. Now, you have to realize that this place was really small, and built to the exact size and plan of the original church from the 1800’s.

It simply felt good.

We had a long conversation about this, probably the first really long conversation we have had in some time, I really appreciated it. We also went into Karma, Buddhism, and the relationship between money and being a good person. but that’s another long entry.

I really enjoyed this evening. and would be quite happy for a repeat.

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  1. Oh this made me feel so good, but it really interesting to me, just to understand how religion works. You wright so good and you made me laught.


  2. Ugh. 10+ years later and she still can\’t speak/write English.;)


  3. Her English is still better then your Russian…  🙂


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