Washington Taxes

 I love hearing oaver an over how we in Washington are taxed to death, and how it is so much better everywhere else. (these folks obviously live here for the weather). Smoe numbers:

Is Washington a high tax state?
The latest figures from the conservative Tax Foundation just came out, and it turns out, um… no. According to the report, state and local taxes average 11 percent of the nation’s income, while WA’s taxes average 11.1 percent, landing it smack dab in the middle of the pack. And that’s after a big jump due to a voter approved, 9-cent increase in our gasoline excise tax. Meanwhile, gasoline prices are projected to hit over $4.00/gallon this summer, and we’re hearing nary a peep of concern out anti-tax Republicans. Hmm.

Source: HorsesAss.Org» The straight poop on WA politics & the press

How about who is above us?

United States Average 11.0%
Vermont 14.1%
Maine 14.0
New York 13.8
Rhode Island 12.7
Ohio 12.4
Hawaii 12.4%
Wisconsin 12.3
Connecticut 12.2
Nebraska 11.9
New Jersey 11.6
Minnesota 11.5%
California 11.5
Arkansas 11.3
Michigan 11.2
Kansas 11.2
Washington 11.1%

Not exactly a blue-state sweep.

Now I will grant that we have a totally horked regressive tax structure that is not business-friendly, but the basis for the tax-elimination crowd just isn’t there. Some smart policy and a income tax would probably work wonders.

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  1. Nebraska and Kansas, possibly Arkansas, are the only red states on that list. So 13-3 for the blues and the tax rates are also framed as a burden against average income. So in a high income state, like Washington, the ABSOLUTE taxes paid are much higher than a lot of other states.

    16th puts us solidly in the upper half. And we spend it on complete crap. 42nd in per capita school spending. Roads and bridges in disrepair. Transit from the dark ages, might as well have a farking mule cart instead of Metro. Sound Transit\’s board should all be lined up against the wall and shot for crimes against humanity.

    Smart policy? From Olympia? Sure any day now. Hey look, flying pigs…

    I\’d support an income tax in exchange for an amendment to the state constitution outlawing the sales tax, otherwise we end up like California with both. And it would still get pissed away on stupid crap.


  2. I have to agree with you that any income tax would have to come out of existing sales taxes, with some legislation that kept it below some total level.
    Personally, I am shocked that *any* "red" state would be above us, when you hear all the hand wringing about how bad our tax rate is supposed to be. But absolute taxes don\’t matter, it has to be relative to income or the numbers don\’t carry over. And yes the spending is all over the map. Probably having one house in control of the opposition would reign in some of these bills to a smart level. But that would require the Washington Repbulicans to run some fiscally conservative instead of socially conservative folks, which they seem to not do often enough.


  3. Pardon my language, but fuck off both of you with talk of an income fucking tax.

    Thank glub the state constitution bans one.

    If we want to save a shit-ton of money, legalize pot and stop paying to jail hippy lettuce smokers.


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