Walk to School Week

So in talking with our neighbors yesterday we found out that this week is "Walk to School Week"  and fortunately for us, we are not only in walking distance, we have an actual walking trail that leads directly from our neighborhood to our daughter’s school. It’s the Bridal Trails Horse trail, and it connects Marymoor park to Bridal Trails.

This is pretty handy, and one of the things we liked about this neighborhood when we moved in was that it was right in the center of a lot of things, so you don’t have top drive everywhere. I walked with the family to school, and then proceeded to walk to work, as it is just across the freeway from the school.

Most new development planning seems to me to be absent any ability to walk everywhere, either being located too remote from anything to be reasonable, or being too congested for anything other than a small sidewalk. I think that a tragic loss, as if you never get out of your car, you really never meet your neighbors.

We noticed that when we lived in Ballard, we walked more, and we knew all our neighbors, there was even a summer block party. But in Newcastle, we walked a lot less, and never connected with the neighbors. I think that here we are alos helped with a really good group of people on our street, which makes all the difference.