Why the War *isn’t* my first priority

sure that there are no end of people out here that are sick and tired
of being told to calm down about the Democratic Capitulation Bill.
Sadly, I am about to piss them off again.

Now, I am bent out of shape about this turn of events, and really
haven’t found a good way to vent my anger about it yet, (that dog is
just too damn fast to kick). But what is tempering my anger currently,
is that this whole episode is not the most important thing right now.
It’s only about the Iraq War.

Pissed off yet? Allow me to clarify.

I look across the blogs, and the postings on DailyKos, I keep hearing
again and again how the funding of the war is the most important thing
that we are facing right now. I keep hearing how we must stop all
action until we stop the war. I disagree.

Personally, I think our soldiers are hosed. I mean completely
doomed. I think that until we have veto-proof majorities in both
chambers or a democratic President those folks are never
coming home. Even if congress cut funding I would bet that the Pentagon
figured a way to steal funding from some other column of the budget to
keep it going. At least until the election, and if you think there is
pressure to fund now, it would only get worse. All you would need is
one good story about some soldier running out of bullets and that would
turn the tide on the opinion of the funding issue. And if they can
stage a plastic Turkey, they can short some guy’s ammo pack in the
field and get it on camera.

Maybe I’m not trusting enough of the Mainstream Media, but just call me jaded.

Add to that some certain back room arm twisting from Joe Lieberman,
which we got a taste of in the media (didn’t you notice all the party
switching stories that were "leaked" during these negotiations?) and a
real standoff gets less and less likely. So there was no way, in the
short run, that this war was not going to get funded.

Truthfully, I had hoped for a much better game face from the
Democrats on this issue. They weren’t going to win this round, but they
had a great opportunity to take a few shots at our child president
before folding their cards. And I say that they folded far to early.

But again, that really isn’t the point.

The Iraq War is really of secondary importance to one major thing: Subpoena Power.

Losing a majority in either the House or the Senate right now would
potentially derail the oversight actions that are going on, and when I
look at what is bringing our country back from the edge of the abyss,
it isn’t the war, it’s the oversight.

Look at what we have learned in the past few months: the complete
and total takeover of the Justice department by a group of clowns,
charged with protecting the vote, and hell-bent on corrupting it. This
scandal alone, and the impact that it has had on our government makes
the majority worth protecting. After all, if we had not run across the
attorney firing scandal, it is quite likely that many of these tactics
would be in place for the 2008 election, and as close as races have
been, the bogeyman of the "Permanent Republican Majority" could have
risen again. Another stolen election would mean that we would certainly
move our troops out of Iraq – but into Iran. Any chance of
regaining Habeas Corpus would be gone. Getting the truth on any of the
myriad of topics that we have seen hearings on this year would vanish.  

And as tragic as I think it is that our soldiers keep dying up into
September with the Democratic Capitulation Bill, I shudder to think
what the cost in lives would be with an unfettered republican majority
in charge, pumping up a war with Iran the whole time.

That is what we are fighting to stop, and our majorities are too
thin to stop all of it today. So yeah, I’m pissed at how this whole war
funding vote has been handled, but I am much more concerned about
keeping a majority long enough to get our democracy functioning again
back at home, or else there may not be a Democratic Majority again for
us to get angry at.

One Reply to “Why the War *isn’t* my first priority”

  1. I love your blog.  Give me a place to vent as I try to keep mine fairly light due to work and all.  The Democratic Capitulation Bill (well put sir) is royal piece of crap.  I\’m left thinking, who the hell am I going to vote for in November?  
    The thing is, the Democrats didn\’t have to lose this round.  They should have just kept sending the same bill (the one with timelines and milestones to get out by early 2008) and let Bush keep vetoing it.  Let Bush choose between accepting timeline and milestones or no bill at all and hence funds run out.
    Agree, having subpoena power is huge and thank god for that.  However, when are these guys going to start making heads roll.  Why is Alberto not impeached by now?  For that matter, Rove and Cheney as well.


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