Paris Diary: T-Minus 2 Days

We leave for Paris in two days. This should be a very good trip. We have been planning this for almost six months, and I expect that our planning ahead will have paid off. Having traveled a fair bit I have found the the excitement of being spontaneous in your actions isn’t the same thing and not having planned ahead. It is much easier to pick something to do at the last minute when you aren’t running around trying to get all the basics put together.  We have our Flights, Hotels, Rental Car, Taxis, all set and paid for. I have a few Michelin Guides, and an outline of what we think we want to do. We even have Red Line bus tickets and Museum Passes.

Mon Crayon est Rouge

Now with all that we can get there and toss all our plans if we want, we won’t have to worry about gathering all that crap together.

Part of our plan includes changing our schedule from rise-early to sleep in. France runs on a later schedule, and we will need to accommodate.

I expect this to be a lot of fun, and a prime example of the axiom, “Nothing works without a plan, but nothing ever goes according to plans either”