My Partners in Crime

It is pretty easy to take things for granted. My companions in this trip are with me every day, and you really don’t notice the great things about someone until you take time out to do so.

I have a wonderful wife, Yulia, who loves France and is a big part of the motivation to pick this as our destination on this trip. She has an amazing eye for art and for the better things in life, and I am fortunate to have her with me here. She really drives us as a group to do fun things, like our time out in Arcachon. She has a really fantastic gift for language and for making herself understood, which has worked wonders for our ability to communicate with the people that we meet. She rarely believes it, but she is quite beautiful, and has fantastic fashion taste, which she really enjoys putting to good use when she goes out, as she looks quite stunning. Watching her eyes light up as we rode through the fashion districts in Paris was really quite a joy, if we had had the time to make it to a few fashion shows I would have been very happy, because that would have really made her trip.

My daughter, Sasha has also done well on this trip, she likes art and museums, and for her age of eight, she handles herself very well. This has been a trip with a lot of walking and a lot of waiting, and she has been as composed as you could expect from someone of her age, and then some. There has been a lot for her to enjoy on this trip, Beaches, festivals, shopping, art, but also a lot that she has just been patient through, Wineries, less interesting museums, long driving, etc. overall I have been proud to see her act so mature through everything.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have two such wonderful people to share these things with. I do and I appreciate it. I love them both and can’t think of two better people to share this kind of experience with.