a little slow…

Jet lag is in full swing. Yesterday I was sleepy. today it is not sleep, but I cannot think coherently. It is almost impossible to do my job. Fortunately a mistake in my job only puts the stability of our site at risk, potentially causing thousands of lost dollars a minutes. so no worries there.

I wen to the kitchen to get something to drink and grabbed a Diet Dr. Pepper. After the great food in France, and all the terrific coffee, trying to get refreshment from a can of Diet Dr. Pepper is a non-starter. It’s like licking the back of an envelope.

I ran downstairs and got a double espresso instead. My coffee of choice has changed from Doppio Machiatto (doubleshot with a spoon of foam) to just a Doppio. and I add two sugars instead of one. That’s the closest I get to the coffee we were having several times a day on our trip.

It’ll have to do for now.