The Guest Nest

Inside the Wisteria that grows on the front of my house we have a bird’s nest. it was there when we first saw the place in Winter, and we thought it cute at the time. A nest in a tree is always attractive, and having one on the front of your house is really attractive, and of course, Sasha wanted to know immediately if there were eggs inside.

Now, Six months later. I am sitting on the porch in the twilight when I see birds flying around the porch, and one zips up into the nest. I don’t move around and just watch it. With the leaves blooming the nest is not visible from the front of the house, and is in a very defensive position. The little head of the bird is peeking out and looking at what is happening around. I can hear the  sniffing of the cat at our door, and I am sure that the bird hears the same.

I brought Sasha down to see this and she just lights up at the thought of a bird living in our house. I hold her up to see into thee nest and she can see the same little head looking about. With some additional noise from the cat, the bird pips up and flies away.

After Sasha heads upstairs and I sit back down the bird returns and starts to chirp and sing a bit. The noise attracts the cat who looks around for something tasty, but finds nothing of interest.

Our street is quiet, I can just make out the rumble of traffic somewhere in the distance, and occasionally I hear a train pass, probably the diner train. It is so much quieter that our old house, no arterial street to combat, and it is truly relaxing.

This is really a good porch.

Sitting here I remember working on the porch of our rental house with Chuck, we were making Humidors for our cigar collections, and watching the traffic in the busy intersection of that house as we drank and worked. That was almost ten years ago. I still have his Humidor from that day. Mine was stolen.

I regret that Chuck never had a chance to see this porch, and this house. He would have enjoyed it.

Yulia returns from her walk with the dog, and I get a few minutes with her on the porch before we have to head in and get to sleep. I’m glad to have her to share this house and life with. With the birds we have two families living here. Hopefully the birds will bring us a bit of luck as our porch offers them a bit of protection.

It’s a good place.

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  1. I still have the humidor I made that time too.  I miss Chuck.


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