Take a hike…

We had a really fantastic hike in the mountains this Sunday. One of our Russian friends took us on a hike on Rainer to Comet Falls and it was really fantastic. This is the first big hike we took with Sasha, and my first hike in quite soime time. I rallly like hiking, but have completely fallen out of the habit of doing so.

Comet Falls near Paradise

Aso, I think this is the first time that I have ever used any of the trails on Rainer, despite living here my whole life. When you live close to something, you forget to take advantage of it. WHen I met Yulia in Moscow, I was able to show her around because I had the newcomer’s interest in the city, and for her it was just home.

Same now for me and Rainer. I should get motivated and start exploring more of what we have locally.