Heriot Bay Inn and Marina

We finally made it into Heriot Bay. Campbell River is a pretty small, remote place, but Heriot Bay is like the folks who moved away from Campbell River because it was way too busy, and had to find another more remote Canadian Island to live on.

Today’s plan was to rest, and recover after our all-night boat experience. The hotel at Heriot bay is pretty much the only thing here. There are a lot of nice vacation homes out here, and a small grocery and liquor store. (hooray!)

We are staying  in a nice little cabin with a view of the water, it has two rooms, and a big living room. In the corner is a river rock structure, which  kind of looks like a fireplace or stove area, but has a TV there instead. I think we get both Canadian channels.

No phone, no cell reception, and the Internet connection at the hotel works sporadically. It is nice to be isolated for a change.

We took a big walk along the beach, which was filled with oysters, mussels, starfish, and those diving birds that are fun to watch, as they dive and pop up with fish in their mouth.

Canada 1 043 We found some rail-type structure on the beach that was almost totally rotted away. I’m not sure if it was a dock of some kind for logging or launching boats, or if it just washed up here, but it was pretty cool to look at.

After a nap, we went to the main hotel for dinner, which had surprisingly good food. Apparently they are famous locally (you can get to the island by car ferry) and have a ranked french chef. I had an excellent spinach Cannelloni, Yulia had salmon steamed in parchment, and we had some fantastic scallops and mussels to start.

The only downside was that they had a pretty shallow wine list. I keep better wines in my desk at work. We finally found an Italian Valpolicella that wasn’t too bad. This would be the downside of having a great wine collection at home, you really notice the absence of good wines at other places, in France there was always a good inexpensive wine on the list, usually the House wine was something that was simple, but great. But not here.

In the evening we hit the local store and bought a Cribbage set. I attempted to teach us all cribbage, since the set came with the basic rules. Cribbage is just none step away from Star Trek’s Fizzbin, with this Byzantine set of rules that seem to change each time I read them, but after a few hands we started to get the hang of it. We were too beat to finish the game, and just sacked out.