Weiner Dogs of the Kalahari

So Yulia calls me after lunch to let me know about Oscar’s lunchtime activities. Apparently he had been running in the yard all morning and got real quiet all of a sudden. Now, this dog is loud, so when he gets quiet, it usually means he ate part of the fence and is making for the border.

As it turns out, he caught a rabbit.

And tore it in half.

And was eating it.

She was going to take it away, but this dog was in full on feral mode, and was not going to have its prey stolen away, since I’m sure that he thought she was going to eat it herself, and not share. So she left him alone and found that the cats had killed a bird in another corner of the yard, and a dead rat was over on the patio.

If we can just grow these animals a bit larger, we won’t need a security alarm. And we will save on canned pet food too.

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  1. I was thinking I miss rabbits, I mean for dinner. To bad we are not in Russia, than I have to reaaly fight Oscar for food!


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