Patrick says ‘hi”

I’ve heard said from some site or another that "wine is art in a bottle," and that’s pretty hard to disagree with, but it is much more than that. imagine going to the Louvre, and only being allowed to look at each painting once. And once you looked at it, anyone else who wasn’t there at the time can’t see it either.

That’s wine. Once you enjoy it, it’s gone.

Tonight we opened one of our bottles of Chateau Le Chatelet, from St. Emilion. It was the 2002. And this is the type of wine you hear people talk about when they describe fine wine. Truly amazing. We drank this while watching Firehouse Dog, a pretty funny kid’s movie, and well worth the time.

We have three more bottles of this wine, from different years, and one magnum. it is wonderful to have enjoyed this bottle, but that’s it. it’s gone. This was a 30 Euro bottle and getting more isn’t like going out and getting a case of  2 buck chuck.

This is a wine with just everything that you would dream about in wine, great structure, cassis and blackberry flavors, softened tannins. Just perfect. We tasted some nice Chianti afterwards and, though good, it is paint thinner in comparison.

I can’t wait to open the 1998 magnum.

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  1. You so right, to me this is how wine must be!It was just great. I wish we brought more. Also brings me fun memory of tasting and my drunking Franch was so great at that moment:)


  2. I didn\’t know you could comment on your own blog! I am going to comment on my own comments now, just to feel like somebody cares.
    Mark, your comparison to an art gallery made me appreciate wine so much more…or art so much less… Silly Rembrandts and DaVincis sitting there for the whole world to see, so everlasting…


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