No Al for you!

So no, I don’t think Al Gore is going to run, although I like him a lot and would vote for him. I just think he has moved on and likes what he does. And it’s not like the Democrats are clamoring for some good candidate, they have a lot of good ones, especially compared to the feces-throwing retards that the Repubs are trying to foist on the populace.

But as always the Rude Pundit writes an excellent article on this. and it’s not even very rude this time, just good.


The great failure of the United States to lead on this issue, to be the place where we create solutions that benefit the globe, keep economies humming, and raise humanity up in a way that might, truly, do more for peace than all the pre-emptive wars ever, rests squarely on the shoulders of George W. Bush and his administration.
It’s the difference between a man who traveled and studied the world by choice in his life and a man who has to be dragged to different countries like a particularly incontinent dog is dragged out to the sidewalk on a snowy day.
Gore’s not gonna run. Give that up. To go from speaking out about melting icecaps to being asked what he thinks about, say, a flag-burning amendment would be a degradation of what he’s worked for the last six years.

Go read the whole thing: The Rude Pundit