Try this with your coffee

One of the things that I like about my job is where we are. Most of the Microsoft buildings that I have had offices in are on the west side of the freeway, which is on a small rise, so out the windows on the upper floors, you get a really nice view outward. This morning a low fog rolled in, and from the kitchen on my side of the building, (I was just moved again, ) you can see the cascade mountains in silhouette, with a tequila-sunrise orange sky above them. The mountains float on the fog, and are framed below by the trees in shades of green rust and gold.

This is a much better start to the day than listening to the machine noise of some computer lab, or having to wrestle with a mess downtown, although those have their interesting points as well.

It’s nice to have this in the morning, before the chaos.

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  1. Yeah, some days biking in to work I get awesome views that direction with fog over Lake Washington, or especially on crystal clear mornings…


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