OOOOOO! Dalai Lama Coming!

OK, maybe I am slightly odd, but I am totally stoked to hear that the Dalai Lama is coming in April. I seriously want to attend this event. The Dalai Lama ranks pretty high on my list of heroes, after all, he:

  • Advocates Non-violence
  • Is a walking FU to the Chinese Communists
  • Looks great in orange (hard to pull off!)

What more do you really need in life?

From the PI:

The 14th Dalai LamaThe Dalai Lama will be in Seattle in April to take part in four days of discussions on raising children to be happy, kind adults, event organizer Seeds of Compassion announced Wednesday.

According to the announcement, the Tibetan religious leader will join a panel of scientists, public-policy leaders and other dignitaries during free events at Seattle Center and Qwest Field. The largest event is scheduled to take place at Qwest Field on the first day of the event, Saturday, April 12.

This week the Dalai Lama said the goal of the conference is to help children understand the value of compassion.

"I believe that to achieve a happy life – on an individual, family, national or global level – we ultimately need to reach wholeheartedness of compassion," the Nobel laureate said.

"I really feel that this conference can plant positive seeds for a happy future, a happy world, particularly for children. They, the younger generation, are the real basis for our hope."

Dalai Lama plans Seattle visit in April

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  1. O my god, this is so cool, I want to come to. You didt tell me about that. It so great!!!


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