Feng Shui Weekend

So for quite some time now I have been interested in Feng Shui, and the art of arranging your home for positive energy. About a week ago Yulia came across a name of a local Feng Shui master, and since we had several areas in our home that were really difficult to get right, we figured that this would be at least an interesting way to spend a day, and hopefully helpful.

Feng Shui:Gisela, the master, arrived at 11:00 and started with a quick tour of the home. We set up in the dining room, which we told her was a room that we felt was working very well for us. We sat down and after a brief talk over what the plan for the day was, she led us through a guided meditation on the house. This was meant to relax us and mentally connect us to the house, and I have to say, that not being a regular practitioner of meditation, I found it very calming.

After the meditation, Gisela walked through the house, and using a device similar to a water divining rod, checked the house for Chi energy, and cleared out any stale energy. I’m sure lots of folks would view this type of magic and find it silly, but I know of plenty of rational people who believe in ghosts, and many other not empirically rational things. And that’s fine. For me, I can get this feeling of unease in certain spaces, whether that is psychosomatic, caused by stale air, bad light, or trapped Chi, it really doesn’t matter, because if we can correct something, then I know that it will feel better. As Gisela cleared the areas, I felt better in the space, for whatever that is worth.

Then we went about the task of rearranging Furniture, Art, Plants, and whatever was in the room in order to make better use of the spaces that we have. We had been thinking of getting new furniture in some spaces of the house since things just weren’t working for us, but Gisela made a good point that  for most people, they already have everything they need at home, and just need to make better use of it.

We went room by room and made big changes in some, and smaller changes in others. We swapped many items between rooms and she had a very good eye for matching things up. By the end, the house felt noticeably better. She left us with a list of smaller items to do about the house later, and some good ideas for Artwork and items to get that would complete some of our spaces.

We finished with another meditation, which was also very relaxing.

So, big thanks to Gisela for a great afternoon full of ideas for our home, and also a big thanks to Yulia for finding her and setting this up. For anyone I would highly recommend it. For Yulia, Sasha and myself, I am really glad we did this.


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  1. Why did you choose Gisela over other practicioners? Does she come back regularly? How expensive was it?


  2. I don\’t know if I Feng\’d or Shui\’d, but I did put the final touches on the basement.  My latest "wild hair of a chi" included painting the entire basement (top to bottom), replaced the registers, can light covers, electrical outlets/switches, new carpet, new 42" plasma TV, followed by a complete head-to-toe painting of the laundry room, new linoleum, and a new LG washer/dryer.Phew.Don\’t know if I chased out any bad Chi, but I sure get a nice cozy warm feeling sitting on the lesbian couch watching football in the new basement "play room" for the kids and Dad!


  3. If you haven\’t Feng\’d recently, you really Shui\’d!  🙂


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