The Flying Car….

So I really like my Chrysler Pacifica, and I plan to keep and drive it for some time. But when I finally get myself a new car of some sort, I want an alternative fuel car. Hybrid, Electric, Diesel, something like that. And what’s cool is that there are a lot of new ones coming. In several years, I can see having plenty of choices.

This article on Kos was pretty cool.

Daily Kos: The Surging American Auto Industry

From Daily Kos:

But there is another American auto industry, one that’s full of innovation, rapid evolution, big risks, and possibly bigger gains.  Like the alternative music industry, these guys have neither the press or the dollars of the big boys, but if you think it’s all a bunch of basement tinkerers and backyard dreamers, you need to take another look.  Within the next five years, you may well find yourself buying an American car, from a company that’s headquartered a long way from Detroit.