Welcome to Skate King – Population: My Youth

When I was Sasha’s age, Skate King was the big deal over on the eastside. Bellevue was still the sleepy Seattle suburb, Redmond was a farming community, and Belleuve Square had two stores (F&N and Nordstrom’s). If you wanted a big event back then, you went to Skate King. There really wasn’t another place like it at the time. And it was a bit of a drive out, up near Crossroads. I also remember how nasty the place got as I entered high school, the part of town up near Crossroads got pretty bad, and it really went downhill.

So as you could imagine, when Sasha called me today and said the the school was having a Skate King night, I was less than thrilled. But I couldn’t say no since all her friends were going. Once we got there, I was shocked. Not because the place had changed, because it hadn’t. No really, the place was *exactly* the same as it wass 30 years ago, but it was clean. Worn down, but clean. They had inline skates now. They were sponsors of Rat City Rollergirls. They have lessons, I mean it was really nice.

It might not be the big stop on the eastside anymore, but it is worthy for the neighborhood. And I’m sure we will be going back.