MSNBC – Learning About Selective Mutism

I wrote about our daughter having Selective Mutism in this post, when we first moved into our house. It is amazing to see that now it is finally getting recognized and shown to other people. It’s pretty scary for parents, and since so few people know about it as it’s own disorder, it gets mis-diagnosed as Autism or simply ignored. Hopefully this show will help some folks out.


This morning, Amy Robach of Weekend TODAY brought us the story of Jacob Hanna, a 7-year-old who suffers from a disorder known as selective mutism.
Basically, Jacob is a regular, chatty kid at home, but in public settings, including at school, he is too anxious to speak. WATCH VIDEO
For example, his teachers have never heard him speak. Doctors say selective mutism is usually a social disorder that occurs in about one percent of children.

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