McCain: Wily Fox, or Wile E. Coyote?

Oh! What fools we liberals have been! We slept while McCain napped, and look how he has outflanked us. A one-two punch to our gut, and we are all left reeling.

We have been fools to think that conservatives wouldn’t have a plan to show that McCain was one of them. THere can be little doubt now that this story in the New York Times was a plant, a plant by conservatives to help bring out McCain’s Conservative Bona Fides,

His Corruption.

John McCain has been presenting himself for far too long as the clean maverick, and this ill-advised plan has been isolating him from the base that he so desperately needs.

But look now! Covered in mud of his own creation, John is embraced by those who reviled him only a day ago!

But not one to rest on his laurels, John is working overtime to make sure that Conservatives know what he is made of; on Public Financing, on Ballot Rules, on Torture, and more.

We Liberals should fear now, for while this may hurt John with the Independents that he actually needs to win, it will shore up his base with those he truly needs, the Conservative Base.

Now known as The 19%

Well sure, so many of us think that that you actually need 51% to get elected (or 49% + 5 Judges), but we should expect to hear about the new strategy soon. A strategy that will blow us all away.

19% + 1

Then again, John might just stand on top of a really big cliff and try to drop a rock on us. That would work too.