Calling Sgt. Retard….

Un. Fucking. Real.


During a videoconference with U.S. military and civilian personnel yesterday, President Bush praised the troops fighting in Afghanistan, claiming he was “a little envious” of their “romantic” fight:

“I must say, I’m a little envious,” Bush said. “If I were slightly younger and not employed here, I think it would be a fantastic experience to be on the front lines of helping this young democracy succeed.”

It must be exciting for you … in some ways romantic, in some ways, you know, confronting danger. You’re really making history, and thanks,” Bush said.

But isn’t Bush already fighting the war? In June 2007, then-White House Press Secretary Tony Snow claimed, “The President is in the war every day…On the frontlines, wherever.”

We should have pity on Bush, after all, this child-president didn’t have a war during his youth that he could have gone and fought, in order to spread Democracy. Oh wait…

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  1. Maybe his real meaning is a little hidden? Everyone in the world knows Afganistan is turning into one very mellow party with just the occasional outburst from some misguided forign influence or minor inteternal power struggle.  He just feels left out!
    Hey it worked for the British in China why not for us in the middle east! I don\’t have a better plan for ensuring that we don\’t have a plumb up China without US having control of it.

    When paranioa leads to asking questions it\’s your friend.  When it starts to povide the answers it\’s probably worth seeking professional help. 


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