Best Daily Kos posting ever

Kos is the best liberal politics site out there, but it is also filled with a bunch of really cool people in general. Today: Hummingbird photos.


One of my favorite subjects to photograph is hummingbirds.  They represent a real challenge: they move very quickly and do not stay in one place for long, plus they are smaller than any other birds I photograph.  

This means that successfully photographing them requires a good combination of skill, careful planning and just plain dumb luck.

Most of these are smaller versions of images that will take you to a larger one.  The image shown on the right, however, will take you to two animated images; one is of a ruby-thraoted hummingbird feeding one of her young (it’s a 1.6mb file) and the other is a smaller file of a rubythroated hummingbird feeding from our nectar feeder. 

Daily Kos: Surprise! Hummingbird Photo Break