QOTD: Pretty much says it all

Chez is the guy from Deus ex Malcontent, and pretty bright. And here he nails it, some people are simply not qualified to be president for reasons apart from what they do in their job:

As for McCain and Palin?

The former is a very bright man who — and I’m not kidding here — may be showing major signs of cognitive deterioration as he pushes into his 70s; the latter believes the world is 6,000 years old. (And for the record, I don’t care whether you believe in a hereafter or a benevolent supreme being — if you seriously think that the world is 6,000 years old, standing in defiance of a truth that’s been proven over and over again, you’re a moron and I don’t want you having any sort of say in my life beyond how quickly I get my Chicken McNuggets.)

Chez Pazienza: Choose Wisely: What Palin Just Proved this Election is Really All About

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  1. Mark, think about it for a minute.  Is a beliefe the world was created 6,000 years ago really all that crazy?
    Compare that to an election where the issues of our currency (its basis and management), our rights to privacy (or total elimination there of), execution of false flag events to support industrial imperialism (goverment and private structures required to pull it off), a open loop marginalized consumption based economic system aren\’t even mentioned in passing has any outcome other than an accelerated errosion of the vast majorities capacity to persue happiness.
    If these issues aren\’t on the docket who cares who the figure head is and what they believe?  They are simply a circus conductor or lead clown for our entertainment and the men behind the curtain will be sure to make the show fun and interesting for all of us no matter what.  Personally the more irratoinal the better from my perspective, crazy is a better show than pompous and self serving.  But it\’s just another form of entertainment ultimatly.
    Given the global realities of population, resource distributions and social structures capible of operating coordinated warfare complete with atomic weapon what\’s to stop the show from going on unabated?  We\’re all day to day players in a game where the first order rules are unknown not because they are hidden but because they\’re too obvious and ugly to personally deal with so we reject their reality.  Instead of facing the uncomfortable and insecure realities we get to dance on second and third tier abstractions missing the whole point but always feeling comfortable and secure in our decisions because after all they can be based on empty opinion or dogmatic beleif and we can be as comfortable and secure of our own of those as anyone else.
    The offer and promise of democracy has been ours to squander or live up to.  Living up to it requires knowledge and conviction getting those require a lot of personal discomfort, insequrity and a life commitment to attainment.  It\’s unfortunate that the natural disposition of man seems to be singularly focused on comfort, security and materially derived status no matter what the cost in happiness.


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