Margaret and Helen: Elderly Ladies with a Blog

This fucking rules. These ladies are like 80-something years old and blogging. Ha! on the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog.

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First things first.  Let’s comment on this shopping spree to spruce up the Spruce Goose Governor from Alaska.  I don’t have a problem with it.  Evidently she couldn’t just be a pitt bull.  She had to be a pitt bull in lipstick.  And we all know it costs a lot of money to make an aging beauty queen look like a pitt bull in lipstick.    And hey, she is just a hockey mom after all.  She couldn’t afford those clothes on her own so the McCain campaign had to redistribute a little wealth her way.

What really gets my goat is that I could have put that same wardrobe together at JC Penny for about $300 with enough money left over for a piece of pie and coffee.  Are you telling me THAT is the best they could do with $150,000?   I know I’ve seen the same three outfits about a dozen times this week alone.  And when this is all over, it all goes to charity.  Well isn’t that just rich?   Don’t give them health insurance, give them designer clothing.  Honestly, only a Republican could have come up with that one.

Margaret and Helen