Men without Hats

What the fuck happened to hats?

I mean really. I am sitting here watching the Maltese Falcon, and everyone is wearing hats. you can’t be a real mensch without a hat, but today if you have a hat you are some kind of delinquent or a Canadian.

It’s pretty interesting really how times change things. I like hats really. I used to have a big collection in college, but that was long ago. I have a "pork pi"e style hat for winter and a fur hat, but you really can’t wear either, or any hat for that manner without looking like you came out of a audition for Porgie and Bess or something.

I guess that’s just the way things go.

I’m going back down to see if the Maltese Falcon ends differently from the last 100 times I watched it. This might be the time.

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