Republicans just don’t know what they’re up against

You know I really haven’t taken the time to quote Rude Pundit in a long time. Sorry. Here’s to make amends…

The Rude Pundit: "So Republicans left Obama with no real choice but to get out there and, on a stage larger than Hannity or Joe the Scar has, pull down their pants and spank their little cheeks red in public. Here’s the President’s answer to Graham: ‘What I won’t do is return to the failed theories of the last eight years that got us into this fix in the first place, because those theories have been tested and they have failed. And that’s part of what the election in November was all about.’

It’s sad, truly, that Republicans just don’t know what they’re up against. No one gives a fuck what they have to say. That’s the baseline from which the GOP has to start if it wants to rebuild. They have made themselves irrelevant. It’s a hellish position to be in, but the demon rape couldn’t happen to a nicer group of folks. Most of the country gets it: we’re in serious, serious shit here. And they know that right now, the reduction of the solution to ‘tax cuts’ makes about as much sense as thinking you can water the desert with your piss.

And they haven’t gotten their mind around what it means to deal with Obama. For the majority of Republicans in Congress, they only have memories of Bill Clinton to compare. It was easier to degrade and pigeonhole Clinton, especially since he didn’t win 50% of the vote. But this shit is new. We’ve got a President who people want to follow, someone they admire. "