Long Saturday with Bikini Football

One of the things that is so great about working with the Bikini Football stuff, and TWBFL in general (especially now that they recruited me to work on the web site) is that I never have to worry about having something to do. Getting my free time swamped with work might be a bummer, but since it largely involves hanging out with hot models in tank tops and bikinis, I think I will manage.

Yesterday’s project was the TWBFL Pro Shop. Looking at the site, the store that was currently setup made little sense, So I got the OK, and started setting up a Cafepress storefront to do basic shirts and stuff. I figured it would take an hour or two.

Five hours later, after chasing down all the Photoshop files, cleaning them up into hi-res PNG format, adding a "TM" to the corner, setting up all the products, sections, and that, I was done. Gah.

Just in time to head downtown to do some photography.

Yulia was leading the group in a dance thing at the Last Supper club, so they had a practice to start, and I got some photos of them doing just that. Sasha was running music for the practice, and the girls looked really good. We finished everything by around 10:00pm, and Sasha and I headed home, while the girls headed to the club to do the "Meet and Greet".

At least I’m not bored. 🙂