Boat Repair Day!

One of the things that I knew would happen when we purchased a boat was that my father-in-law would get excited. He likes to fish. Loves it, in fact. So he was thrilled to hear that we would be able to fish together. Just one catch – they live in Moscow, Russia.

And he’s afraid to fly.

Well, the fish got the better of him, and they are on their way. Arriving this Saturday, in fact, and that meant I needed to finish up the spring cleaning and tuneup.

Mind you, I haven’t tuned an engine since high school, and this boat is new to me, so it was a bit of an adventure. Swapping out the plugs and points wasn’t too bad. Cap and rotor were easy, as was the condenser. Plug wires are simple, so all that is left is adjusting the timing.

Naturally, the batteries are dead. Fine. I fire up the charger and wait overnight. No dice. two days later still no dice, the batteries are finished. I am lucky that there is a sale right now, and I only need to replace ALL FOUR!

Getting the batteries is easy, but removing the old ones is insane. I’m pretty tall, and the engine room is pretty small. Figuring out how to get four batteries out, without spilling acid on myself, then getting four back in, and reconnecting everything took just four quick hours.

Once in place, the engines fired up nicely. I had painted the timing stud white, so it shone under the strobe lamp. The tuned engine was only a little off, and once dialed in, sounded fantastic.

Now I just have to convince my father in law not to bring his poles and hooks as carry-on items.