Wurlitzer Oregon

Picture 002I suppose that I do more writing in the latter half of the year, mostly because of the recharge from vacation, which is where we are now. Specifically, we took an extra day out to go on vacation early. This year we are staying in the states and doing the drive to Disneyland. This is one that Yulia and I really like, and since we have done it several times. We did this trip for the first time for our honeymoon. We have gone down by train, cramped minivan, and last time with Sasha through Napa valley.

This time we have brought Oscar the Weiner Dog, and are stopping through San Francisco and Napa Valley. But that’s for the trip back. On the way down, we were planning on just stopping in Sacramento, but since we left a day early, we got a place just south of Portland for the night. It’s the La Quinta Inn, and is next to the freeway in some remote corner of Oregon where they roll the sidewalks up at night, and the only place open past 9:00 is Denny’s.

The hotel itself isn’t too bad, but is the stereotypical roadside hotel, small pool, next to a gas station. We bribed the desk lady with $20 to upgrade our room from Dungeon Quality to Tower Prison instead. But the breakfast in the morning was really nice, waffles, yogurt, coffee, the typical, but good. All part of the fun of road travel.