Mini Me

This is my first test of the blogging software on my new hackintosh Dell 9 Mini. So far it works pretty sweet. It has one of those 80% sized keyboards, but since I don;t touch type, that doesn’t matter too much, although a few of the keys are in the wrong place. But everything else works great.

2 gigs ram, 16 Gig SSD drive, wireless, and the screen is really bright. I have been looking for a better travel and blogging laptop than the old toshibas that I was using. I do wish that Microsoft would make Live Writer for the Mac, it is a great blogging writer, but MarsEdit is pretty dang good.

It has flickr integration now, as soon as I remember my login for flickr I should try it out. Built-in webcam works great, as do the mic and speakers. Haven’t tried the SD reader, but it is supposed to be fully supported.

Overall, pretty cool for under $200 on ebay.