Prepare to be Boarded

We almost weren’t going to go to Seafair this year. Yulia has been filming Spaceship Terror, and has had few weekends free. Also, last year’s Seafair was so crazy that it just didn’t seem worth it. But at the last minute Yulia got the call that she wasn’t needed for filming for the weekend, so we were free. And with the time, seafair is hard to resist.

For Saturday, we went out with my brother, Brent, and headed around the south end of Mercer Island. Our dock is almost exactly on the opposite side of the island from the race course. We chose south today because we wanted to pump the toilet out, and fill up with fresh water. Gena gave us one of those towing innertubes, and decided to try it out.

The water was pretty rough, there were a lot of boats speeding around, so the tube ride was bouncy even though I never went above 8 knots. But the rough going slowed us down a lot, and we met gena’s boat outside his marina. yulia and sasha swam over, and they went straight up to watch the show. Brent and I continued into the marina, and serviced the boat.

Parkshore Marina is a pretty tight Marina. making it worse, there are lots of angles and turns inside, and my big boat doesn’t exactly turn on a dime. We got in, and pumped out/filled up just fine though. But next time I will use the landing dock like I usually do. we had a few close calls maneuvering in and out, and I’d rather not repeat that.

We got back on the water in time for the start of the air show, and it was really fantastic. We had a few low passovers that were really loud and amazing. Oscar the wiener dog was not as amused as we were, and he ran under the console, unplugging my depth sounder in the process.

Once we got up to the crowd, the water was a lot calmer, and we watched the end of the air show and waited for the fly-zone to open. The center of the lake is closed during the air show, for safety, so usually once the show is done, everyone races into the lake to find a spot. we snaked through and got a prime space in Andrews bay, as usual.

The water was really warm. It was about 98 degrees at this point, and if you didn’t dive too deep, it was amazing. We could see the hydros off in the distance, but weren’t really interested in the race. The BBQ and swimming were the big focus at this point. This was also the first day for the debut of our #1 boat drink, a boxed wine spritzer.

We tend to drink a lot of wine on the boat, but with the heat and sun, you get really hammered too fast. So the new drink is to mix 50/50 red wine (we like the boxed "Pinot Evil" a french Pinot Noir) and flavored seltzer water (grapefruit flavor is great, but lime is nice too) This way you can drink without getting too dehydrated, or too hammered.

After a while, Brent’s girlfriend Sarah joined us on the shore, I ran the dinghy over and brought her aboard. A few more hours of swimming and tanning and we were done for the day. I figured that we would head home north, just for a change. We put Sasha and Katya in the Tube, and pulled them behind the boat. There were police boats everywhere, including one chasing down a boat that was trying to escape. Bad Plan. A few seconds later we had a police boat behind us.

I was confused and we stopped. Apparently you can’t tow anything in the Fly Zone during seafair. I was surprised since I didn’t read this on any of the seafair pages. And as part of the stop was a mandatory sobriety test. Since I don’t drink much while we are out (wine with lunch, gatorade the rest of the time) I passed, but I was more worried that it was getting dark and that I noticed that my navigation lights weren’t working.

I didn’t want to get stopped for no lights, so once the police were done checking us out, they went on their way and stopped another boat with much drunker fools than us. We raced back, trying to beat the sunset, and made it just in time.

Sunday morning we went out again, this time with Adam, Brent, and Pete and his family joining us. For a change, we thought we would try the north end of the island for a view of the air show. Before we headed out, I fiddled with the fuses and got the Nav lights working. seems to be some short with the blower switch on the panel and something. It works so I’m going to quit messing with it.

Bad Plan.

The north end was insane, the water was rolling like mad and wewere getting tossed about. we went into the crows to see if it got any better, but no chance. Pete’s daughter got seasick and "soiled" the bathroom a bit. She also held down the handle on the head, emptying our fresh water tanks. Bummer. We cleaned that up and headed over to Meydenbauer bay.

THe bay was totally empty, we got a nice, calm anchorage by one of the public parks and everyone was shaken from the waves. A swim helped out with that. So did some beer. We told the kids to save some beer for the adults, but they never listen.

We still had the problem of no water, so I dropped the dinghy, and scouted around. There was no spigot at the public park that I could find, so I snuck under a dock and "borrowed" a few bottles of water out of a hose fitting. That way we could at least clean a few dishes. I felt like a pirate and went back proudly.

Once the air show finished, lots of people abandoned the main lake and headed into the bay. I don’t blame them, as it didn’t look any calmer out there. Some jet skis kept buzzing past us, (I soooo hate jet skis), but our spot was far enough in that we were left alone.

More BBQ and we tried out our second new boat drink, the "Dark and Stormy" This is Ginger Beer, with a shot of Rum and a squeeze of lime. A new favorite for me. I think it was best with the super strong natural Ginger Ale. After the run in with the cops the day before, I had only one, then switched to straight ginger beer.

This was the first time that Meydenbauer Bay was better than Andrews bay, we may go there more often. We headed back around 5:30, and once at the dock, had a glass of wine as we cleaned up. It was a good weekend after all.