The Blathwayt is amazing. I say this because there is quite literally, nothing to it.

It is just a simple pub, with rental rooms upstairs, out in the middle of nothing, and it’s fantastic. The pub is dank, clean, and creaky. They have four beer engines and six taps, and a wall of nice scotch and mixers. The couple running the place are friendly, funny, and running like mad to keep up with everything going on. They live upstairs in one of the rooms. People drop in and out from where – I can’t tell.

Our room is big by B&B standards, frankly big compared to most hotel rooms we get today. It’s summer, so there is no heat, so you keep your fleece on at night.

Breakfast is continental for free, but you can order what you like from the kitchen and the Missus will whip it up for you for a small charge.


When people used to ask me, “What do you want to do?” I would jokingly answer, “To run a Pub.”

This place is what I meant. Exactly.

I plan on stealing it brick by brick and putting it up somewhere near home. I may need bigger bags.