Home is where you wear your hat

What’s funny is that it feels like we just got back from vacation, but it has been a month now, and we have been working like mad just to get the house in shape post-construction. We still have a few small things to finish, one small section of fence, getting the grass to grow, and cleaning out the garage.

The garage is the worst part, we have been unpacking, tossing crap out, and it never seems to end. I just finished installing a new shed today, which should help us get the gardening stuff out. I also got a new sprinkler, i think the old one accidentally got buried when they excavated the foundation. Hopefully we will get all the grass in the yard before my birthday.

I’m very impressed with the final result of the remodel. As painful as the whole process was, we have a much more useful house out of the deal. And interestingly, the change in window design seems to keep the house much better ventilated as well. This was a huge problem before. The upstairs bedroom was super hot and stuffy, and it was hard to get air to flow in downstairs.

Losing the wine room sucked, but gaining the gym more than made up for it. The new office is probably my most used space. Good to get all that crap out of the bedroom. And the bedroom itself is a huge improvement, not just for the size and the closet, but we get a lot more air and light now.

I’ll be glad once the garage is clean, but i have to say I am happy with as far as we have come.