No matter where you go, there you are

Despite the heat, we actually slept well, and were up early. Wanting to not miss breakfast probably also factored into not spying in, as we have learened in the past that the free hotel breakfast can run out pretty quick in some places. But we were pretty lucky here, with a well laid out breakfast, soe we were up, fed, and out of Ashland by 8am.

Morning driving is always better. The roads are clear, and the air is cool. We were in California before we knew it. The drive through Northern california, is a big wind up and down the passes while watching Mount Shasta dance around you on the horizon.

We are on day two of our vacation, and we are still doing nothing but driving. Most people who don’t regularly road trip think this as a waste. In fact, several of our friends mentioned this to us directly, asking why we didn’t fly instead. The point of a road trip is not to get somewhere, but to go somewhere. We get to see and do little things along the way.

We did a little side loop through Yreka, got Olives at the Olive Pit (as we do every trip), stopped at a little mall for coffee, then once we got to Sacramento, we had a great dinner and walked through the Old Town.

None of this was crazy, none of this was something that you would ordinarily go out of your way to plan on your vacation. But all of it was fantastic. Everything has made us just that much more excited to get to our next destination to see what’s next.   Some of that is just going to be sitting on our butts. Some of it will be planned. All of it will be fun.

Today, Yulia said it best:

Sometimes you get so busy doing things on your vacation, you forget to just enjoy being on vacation.