And his liver grew three sizes that day…

The staff was working all morning to erase any indication that we had just been hit with a storm. The cushions were back out, the umbrellas were up, and they were literally drying the walkways with towels to clean the place up. We had a tour planned for the evening, so the morning was left free to walk into town again.

WWP_20130707_006e wanted to resize a few rings at the silver shop. When the heat bloats you up, things tend to be a bit big once you deflate, and the cool of the storm had deflated us all down to close to normal size. The humidity was off the scale. Once you have gotten used to dry desert heat, having the humidity rise really knocks you for a loop.

The master was out of the shop once we got there and the owner had to call him in to do the resizing. It would take about an hour, so we walked across the plaza and sat in Starbucks. We really didn’t want to check out the markets anymore, so sitting in air conditioning seemed like the best plan.

They grow really excellent coffee in Mexico, but apparently there is some federal law that keeps Starbucks serving their regular crap instead. I gave up on coffee there, and got their iced refresh lemon whateverthehellitis. It’s too sweet, but cold.

The moment we stepped out of the Starbucks, all our glasses fogged up, telling us that the humidity was still insanely high. A small breeze started, so it felt a little better. We went over to the shop, and they were still working, so we looked at the crap, and found that they actually had some pretty good linen men’s shirts and dresses in their joining space. I had already picked up one shirt here, and found another that was the right size and a cool traditional design. Yulia picked out a dress, and bargained a good price for both. I love the quality of the linen work in Mexico. I brought a Tommy Bahama linen shirt with me, and the local shirts are just as good, if not better and less than half the price.

We chatted with the owners a bit about our tours to Miraflores and Santiago, and they knew the zoo and thought that that area was a good one to see. They recommended a few points further north near La Paz to see next time. I will have to look these up for our next trip.

We walked back to the hotel, after a week here, I finally was finding the shortcuts, and we took a back street out of the marina and cut between the restaurants on shore, saving us a walk around the point. The beach was really different from the storm, although the vendors and salesmen appeared to be the same.

We went to the Pirate Boat Bar for lunch, and had our usual margaritas, guacamole, tacos, etc. I’m not sure if a new bartender was on staff, but when we got up from lunch I could feel that those margs were much stronger than normal. We had been drinking these margaritas all week, and as expected for an all-inclusive resort, they had been pretty watered down. Not these. These felt like full-on doubles. I felt fine, hell – I felt great, but once they hit Yulia, she was way overdone. Swimming helped clear her head a bit, and we went upstairs to cool off, but we didn’t have much time before our evening tour.

I was still buzzing pretty heavy when we got on the bus, Yulia looked like she was spinning. A big bottle of water and some Gatorade (regular, not Mexican) helped a bit. The ride out was fairly long, and by the time we got there and got out, we were both fairly sane, which was good.

We had two hours of horseback riding ahead of us. Sasha really likes horses, and has been riding several times back home, I on the other had am terrified of these goddamn things.

They all look like Sarah Jessica Parker, minus the shoes.

We were given a few seconds of instruction, and each fitted to a horse. We were all informed that our horses speak Spanish only, so when giving commands we have to call them caballo, not horse. I just held on and pretended that it was a large hairy motorcycle, which I also do not know how to ride. These horses had been trained to just follow each other and stay in line, although occasionally one would want to stop and snack on the ground, or wander off a bit, and if we just pulled the reigns a bit, they got right back to work.

We were taken on a tour along the desert, and down to the beach. It was a beautiful ride up and down the coastline. I really love the look of the desert, and since the sun was going down, it wasn’t too hot. We were told to wear long pants and tennis shoes, which was good as my horse like to get a real close look at the plant live, to scratch his neck and back I suppose, and it was better to pluck a few spines out of my pants rather than pluck them out of my leg.

We turned along the open beach, and the horses liked to run up a bit and reorder themselves for no apparent reason. They did this a few times until one of the ranch hands pulled up on his horse and whistled a few times, which is apparently the caballo equivalent of “cut that shit out”, which they promptly did.

On the bluffs above the beach there were a row of pretty big houses, and one huge abandoned mansion. It looked to be only a few years old, with a three story house, back house, gate house, plaza and the works. It was amazing, and totally abandoned. Apparently this is pretty common, where someone runs out of cash and properties never get resold. Nearby on the cliff was a burned out restaurant, also never to be rebuilt. We rode around and up to it. The view from the former patio was amazing.

On the path we saw a few jackrabbits, it was the first time we had seen these in Mexico. They chased about near the horses, mush the same as the rabbits do on the streets at home, but they are much larger, and their ears are huge. I don’t know why, but watching rabbits is always fascinating.
We headed back to the ranch. In the morning, we were heading to the airport. We were going to take a few days in Disneyland next, but this was it for our time in Mexico.

So we got on our horses and rode off into the sunset.

No seriously, that’s what we were doing. If that’s isn’t cool enough for you, go watch cat videos or something. You are wasting my time.