Go East Old Man

Two Bloody Mary’s in and it is finally starting to feel like we are on the road.

Actually, not the road but the sky. Our destination this year is the east coast. We made the call to come east when we were talking to the family after my grandmother died this year. My Aunt Sue and family live in Philadelphia, and we typically only see them when they come out to visit. I hardly ever see my cousins, so they stayed at our house during their last visit to Seattle. That was a good visit, it’s sad to have a funeral bring family together, but life just works out that way sometimes. But, we left the weekend with a commitment to come over the summer and visit them on the east coast. And a tattoo also. (Different story) So thanks Grandma Lorraine. (For getting us together, not the tattoo. The tattoo was some pierced girl named Sara in Ballard.)

So our plans are to land in Philly, then hit New York, Washington DC, and then back to Philly. That should give us some good family time, and some great tourism as well. Both Yulia and Sasha are crazy to visit Manhattan, so it should be a blast.

Security at the airport changes each time I fly. Yulia has been flying more, so she knew what was going on, but even the TSA websites were out of date. The whole airport is some jumble of security Kabuki, with no apparent rhyme or reason to which line, shoes on/off, liquids/no liquids, etc. But after a few lines, an x-ray and a rectal exam, we were cleared as safe to fly, and my prostate was in great shape.

On the upside, we were flying a newer 737-900, which had some of the new interior styling of the 787 Dreamliner, with a sexy blue tinted ceiling, and comfy seats made by Recaro (my prostate thanks you again). It does skip some of the new features of the 787, like Lithium Ion battery fires for example, but you can’t have everything.

The drinks are coming quickly now. I’m glad, because if there is one rule that I always follow, it is Never Fly Sober.

Cheesesteaks here we come.